Hughes/Gardner is proud of our environmental achievements having been accredited to ISO 14001 since 2003 and gaining ISO 14001:2004 in April 2007, environmental management systems.

Hughes | Gardner offer a full range of waste and recycling services and as environmental concerns lead customers to recycle a greater proportion of their waste, we can take over the management of your waste and recycling and take responsibility for legal compliance. We work with partners and processors to ensure all waste streams are disposed of correctly.

We have been involved in the implementation of recycling at over one hundred premises from the initial setting up of bins and recycling bags through to the training of staff, removal of waste, monthly reporting of volumes of waste removed from site and the trail of how and where the waste ends. We offer the following services:-

  • Provide Recycling and Litter Bins
  • Provide Compactors and Balers
  • Provide recycling and waste bags
  • Remove & dispose of confidential and general waste
  • Monitoring of waste
Hughes/Gardner holds a Waste Management Carriers and Brokers License. We have been very successful in reducing our client’s carbon footprint and the volume of waste that goes to landfill sites. We use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products and are committed to creating a cleaner environment.

We take every opportunity to prevent or reduce our waste through recycling schemes

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